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1. Treasure Trove For Island Antique Collectors Arrives

December 1, 2004
Contact: Peter Naramore
(808) 878-3626

Treasure Trove For Island Antique Collectors Arrives
Master Craftsman Selects Unusual Pieces For New Gallery

For people who want to live with fine antiques, a master craftsman has personally selected over one hundred pieces of finely crafted European and American antiques and brought them to Maui. Nationally recognized furniture designer and craftsman, Peter Naramore says, “I look for pieces with character that show good design, beautiful wood and sound craftsmanship.” This collection will be available in The Kingswood Shop, a new gallery, opening December 3rd and 4th in Keokea. Also on display is custom designed, handcrafted, heirloom koa furniture by Mr. Naramore.

Peter and Janet Naramore have a lifelong passion for antiques. On buying trips to the mainland, they personally selected quality pieces, from a range of period styles. In the Kingswood Shop they realized their dream of having a gallery to display the collection. Carefully packed and shipped to Maui, they are brought into fine condition in the woodworking shop. A former wood drying and storage building was converted into a five hundred square foot gallery for the display of the antiques and Peter Naramore’s custom handcrafted furniture. The Kingswood Shop at 8900 Kula Highway, Keokea, Maui, is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and by appointment, call (808) 878-3626 or visit

For over thirty years, master craftsman Peter Naramore has turned the desires of his clients into fine handcrafted furniture. Naramore handcrafted furniture is notable for
classic lines and sound construction based on traditional joinery, hand carved details and inlays. Elegant Hawaiian koa wood distinguishes much of his production supported by maple, walnut and local hardwoods, such as camphor and mango. Largely self-taught, he adapts traditional forms and develops original designs to express a client’s taste and environment. His goal is to produce fine furniture tuned to the personality of each client; furniture that will satisfy as much 50 years from now as it does today.

Born and raised near Rochester, New York, Naramore started carpentry at age 15, refined his traditional crafts techniques in Sweden and while roaming the United States in his homemade camper with a sign on the back, “Traveling Carpenter, Enquire Within.” In 1976, he moved to Maui and established his handcrafted furniture business.
Much of his time in spent on commissions from clients who collect his work. Now his main problems are keeping up with a backlog of commissions and supervising the opening of The Kingswood Shop.


For further information, contact:

Peter Naramore
The Kingswood Shop
8900 Kula Highway,
Keokea, HI 96790
Phone: (808) 878-3626

You can reach us at:
Peter Naramore
The Kingswood Shop
8900 Kula Highway
Maui, HI 96790
Phone (808) 878-3626 Fax: (808) 878-3626

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