Koa Rocking Chair

Koa & Wenge Stand

custom dining table drawiing
Sketch for Custom Design
Dining Table

finished dining table

The completed custom
design dining table

dining table detail

Dining table showing marquetry detail

cabinet drawing
Koa Night Stand Drawing

Koa Nightstand

peter in shop
Peter Naramore

Acquiring Custom Handcrafted Furniture

There is real satisfaction in having exactly what you want made for your home. Even more in knowing that museum-quality furniture will last and have value for generations. Custom handcrafted furniture appreciates in value over time, both aesthetically and in money value. Fine handcrafted furniture enriches your life by serving a real function even as it is pleasing to see and touch. Attuned to your specific needs, it will bring as much pleasure into your life 40 years from now as it does today. Custom handcrafted furniture becomes a part of the legacy you leave posterity. 

Acquiring custom handcrafted furniture takes some thought and effort. You can’t just rush into it. You must seek it out. The quest is exciting and fulfilling. You get to explore your own needs and tastes, to investigate furniture styles and materials, and to interact with the craftsperson. All this can add greatly to the experience of furnishing your home.

koa dining table
Koa Dining Table

What Do You Want?

You start the process by focusing on your personal needs and expectations. Ask yourself what you want your furniture to do. How do you want it to function in your home or office? As a piece of working furniture? As aesthetic expression? As you clarify the function, you can be considering furniture styles. You may want to consult books on period furniture and become familiar with the design terms that fit different styles. Keep a clipping file of photographs or articles on pieces that attract you. The more you know, the more rewarding your experience will be.

Determining Size and Setting

Decide where the furniture will go. Consider the furniture that will be near the new piece. Ideally, all your furniture will live comfortably together and will complement each other. Think about the dimensions of the piece. Will it fit properly in the space, commanding attention without being overbearing? Will it fit your personal dimensions and be available and useful to others.

Where To Start?

Whether you’ve researched your project extensively or only have a feel for what you want, you will want to discuss your ideas and get guidance. Custom built furniture involves a myriad of design possibilities and choices. Who better to guide you through them than the craftsman who will produce the finished piece? Rough sketches typically follow an initial discussion of your needs and taste. Revisions via fax, mail or personal meetings will refine the process until a set of finished drawings depicts the final project. Along the way I will make suggestions about lumber and material choices, construction possibilities and types of surface finishes.

The Contract

Our initial fact finding conference, from which your design and budget are determined, is free of charge. When we are both comfortable with the project plan, it is time to enter into a contract. Finished drawings require time and skill for which there is a charge. The cost will vary depending on the size of the project; for example, a foot stool or a dining set. It is a reasonable cost and there is no obligation to proceed to the construction phase.

Once you are satisfied with the design, an additional contract will be prepared in which material, finish and completion timetables are clearly outlined. Generally, a 50% deposit is required to begin construction with the balance due upon approved completion of the project. Other payment schedules are also possible by special arrangement.

game chair
Upholstered Chair For Game Table

Crating And Shipping

Crating furniture for shipment is usually required and is done in my shop. I believe no one is more qualified or motivated to protect your investment. A price for crating, if required, will be quoted at the signing of the contract.

I suggest shipping by air freight with full insurance coverage which will usually see your crate arrive in less than a week. Surface shipment from Hawaii is slightly cheaper but usually the time spent in transit exposes the item to greater risk of damage and outweighs added expense.

My Commitment To You

Naramore custom handcrafted furniture is built one piece at a time to withstand the rigors of everyday use. It can be fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Each piece is signed to authenticate its origin and craftsmanship so Naramore originals get passed on to future generations as valued antiques.

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